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Organic Butter (2KG Bottle)

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This is pure desi butter, we get it from our farm animals, it has both buffalo and cow available, order if you want to buy. Contact us for more inform

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Magnesium, sodium, and iodine are found in it. Now you can guess how useful these ingredients in butter are for our health. There are three things that are said to cause aging, including milk, yogurt, and butter


So we must use them so that we can live a healthy life. Butter raises good cholesterol so it also protects us from heart disease.

If we turn the pages of history, we find that butter has been a favorite food of man since ancient times. By using it, we can be protected from many diseases. People still use butter in the villages but it is rarely used in the cities. In any case, pure butter is not available in the cities and what is found is harmful rather than beneficial to health. That's why people don't use it even though it is a useful food. We get butter from pets, that is why villagers get pure butter, while in cities it is very difficult to get pure butter. Butter is high in fat, so it is not suitable for people with obesity and heart disease. In addition, people with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels should also avoid using butter. But be sure to use it with your children as it is good for their mental health and bones.

The use of butter is very tasty with potato, fenugreek, spinach parathas, and it is also preferred with millet and cornbread. In addition, its use in pulses is increasing nowadays especially Butter lentils made with gram lentils are very tasty. If we use it in our pots, our food will definitely taste better.

Benefits of butter:

  1. * Butter is good for our bones and teeth.
  2. * Butter brightens the eyes.
  3. * Butter makes the skin glow.
  4. * Butter helps to increase the weight of lean and weak people.
  5. * Butter has immunity against cancer, especially breast and intestinal cancer.
  6. * Butter is good for the brain and nervous system.
  7. * Butter strengthens the heart.
  8. * Butter protects against cramps and joint pain.
  9. * Butter also protects against thyroid-related diseases.
  10. * Butter is beneficial for the stomach and digestive system.
  11. * Butter raises good cholesterol.
  12. * Butter is very useful food for people with sexual problems.
  13. * Butter reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
  14. * Butter lowers insulin and blood glucose levels.
  15. * Butter is useful for sore throats and wounds

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