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This is pure desi ghee, we get it from our farm animals, it has both buffalo and cow available, order if you want to buy. Contact us for more informat

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When we look at the reasons for the enviable health of the people of old and then look at the youth of the present, then the idea comes to our mind that the reason for the enviable health of the people of later times was that they were moderate. Used to live the life of and now it is the phoenix, but other than that one more thing is understandable that at that time there was no epidemic of destroying the strength of the stomach with spicy foods and that is why they People were older than us in age, strength, and health.

As the shortage of pure milk and ghee and with it the desire for a variety of chit-patty foods increased, so did our health, strength, and age. Even today, the health of the villagers is enviable because they breathe in pollution-free air and eat pure food. Most of the city's diseases are caused by adulterated and chemically processed foods. Below are some of the charisma of desi ghee for the rehabilitation of the readers with the belief that even if you can't make desi ghee a part of your daily diet, you can use it as a medicine.

Identification of pure ghee: Half of the test tube (test tube) with ghee and then add nitric acid 1/2 part in it and close it with your finger and shake it. No change will be seen. Then add a drop of iodine and keep shaking. If it stays in this state, consider it pure and if it gets exciting, think of it as fake. This is a repeated tactic.

Nature: The first warmer, then as you get older, your heat increases and your humidity decreases.

Mental Illness: It is a well-known fact that ghee is an extremely nutritious brain item, but the authorities have found ways to absorb it in ghee in a wise way from the effects of a few things which are inherently nutritious in the brain. The flow increases.

Forgetfulness, mental retardation, and visual impairment: Take half a pound of black sugar in ghee, coat it a little or break it and cook it on low heat. First, the gorge will be tense, then it will start coming up until it reaches all levels. There will be chips left in it, let it cook. When you see that the chip has been removed after cooking and it starts to look like a lakh, take it off immediately. If it is delayed, the ghee will become bitter. Take it off and separate it from Gar Ghee.

What is left is hardened, which is eaten by children as Natasha. Take care of this ghee. The ghee that is usually used in the house, if used in the same way, will brighten the eyes of the whole family. There is nothing harmful or costly. Ghee is just a minor cleansing and that's it, but the benefits will be judged by those who use it.

Another medicine for the weak brain: Wash the green fennel plants in water and then crush and squeeze the juice out of the cloth. Mix half of the cow's pure ghee with the weight of this juice and put it in a fortified pan and cook on low heat. When all the water is burnt and only ghee is left, handle it and put it in an oiled pot or bottle. Mix one towel in the morning, one towel in the evening, mix it with cow's milk, and massage it on the head.

Ghee Flavored Sauce: This recipe may seem trivial, but it has a lot of benefits. With its continuous use for 21 days, weakness of the brain, forgetfulness, weakness of the heart, etc. are completely removed. Man's health becomes enviable and the greatest virtue is that the mixture becomes so delicious that there are no sweets, yeasts, rubies, etc. in front of him. Eating a meal in the morning makes you happy all day long.

Ingredients: 5 pieces of almond kernels (peeled), 3 pieces of cardamom meal, 1 piece of fine palm, 3 tablespoons of Egyptian cow's butter, 2 tablespoons.

Recipe Preparation: Put almonds and dates in a clay pot and soak them overnight. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Then mix the Egyptian and make it fine. Finally, add butter and stir. It is better to double the weight of each item after one week. After two weeks of continuous use, many benefits begin to emerge.

Molecule: A patient with this disease begins to think of himself as a king and someone begins to think of himself as a deer or a rooster. The actual treatment should be done by a specialist doctor, but if the patient has been ill for three or four years, he can not sleep all night, then such a patient should be fed the maximum amount of beef butter. Since butter cannot be fed in large quantities without any digestive medicine, the complete recipe is written below.

Do drink After an hour, feed as much cow's butter as you can. At least a full foot must be opened. In the same way, complete the seven days of alum in the same way for seven days and continue to use yogurt and butter. God willing, he will definitely get relief.

Diet: Avoid eating garlic, onions, eggplant, working hard, and being alone.

Diet: Give foods that are easily digested, such as dried, milkshake, peanut lentils, light, green salad, etc.

Lung and gastrointestinal diseases: Ordinary people consider ghee etc. as a deadly poison for chest and lung diseases but if this idea is weighed in the scales of medicine, it seems to be very light and far from the truth because Experience has shown that in some cases, ghee and butter can cause heart disease

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