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Mustard greens and cornbread are delicious and nutritious foods, which are also a good substitute for milk. Mustard leaf greens contain vitamins A, B,

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Mustard is an important crop and its greens are fortifying winter food.

This nutritious vegetable is very popular among the villagers.

Mustard greens and cornbread are delicious and nutritious foods, which are also a good substitute for milk. Mustard leaf greens contain vitamins A, B, and C (vitamins A, B, and C) as well as calcium, sodium, salts, and chlorine. , Phosphorus, proteins, steel, and sulfur are also found.

Its nutrition is equal to meat.

Like mustard greens, its oil is also energetic and extremely useful for health. Mustard oil is extracted from its seeds.


This oil was used for cooking in ancient times.

Mustard oil is still used today, especially in rural areas.

Not just for cooking, but also as medicine.

Mustard oil is not only healthy but also beautiful. Since ancient times, women have been using it for the beauty and health of their skin and hair. Mustard oil to enhance the beauty of the skin and hair. I play a very important role.

Mustard oil is very good for the appearance and protection of the skin.

This oil helps to correct sunburned skin and gives it a natural glow by removing blemishes on the skin.

  • Mustard oil is rich in vitamins (vitamin E).
  • Applying mustard oil on the upper surface of the skin protects your skin from the effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays.
  • Massage of mustard oil on the body refreshes the skin, rejuvenates, and helps in speeding up blood circulation.
  • It is not only very useful in eliminating skin infections, but also in reducing skin inflammation and inflammation. In addition, wounds also heal very quickly.
  • In cold weather, the skin of the lips often becomes dry, which causes the lips to crack and bleed.

Mustard oil is the best treatment for chapped lips, but do not apply it on chapped lips, but sleep at night by putting two or three drops in the navel before going to bed and do this daily.

This process will eliminate the cracking of your lips and they will never look dry. This is an amazing and ancient treatment, which gives natural softness to the lips and helps to keep them soft and moist.

  • Mustard oil is a natural food for hair. Mustard oil is best for the proper growth of long, thick, strong, and shiny hair.
  • Its use provides essential nutrients to the hair and also enhances hair growth.
  • By warming the mustard oil lightly and massaging the hair roots well, the hair growth increases rapidly and the blood circulation of the scalp also increases.
  • Mustard oil is a combination of vitamins and minerals. It contains a large amount of beta-carotene (BETACAROTENE).
  • Beta carotene enters the body and is converted to vitamin A. It is considered to be a very useful vitamin for hair.
  • Mustard oil contains important minerals such as iron, fatty acids, calcium, and magnesium, which play a key role in hair growth.
  • Mustard oil provides essential nutrients for hair health, which stops hair loss.
  • It acts as a very effective tonic in eliminating baldness and gives shine and freshness to dry and dull hair.
  • This oil fights and relieves itching caused by infections in the scalp.
  • The best way to apply oil to the hair is to warm the oil slightly and massage the scalp well for fifteen minutes.
  • Cover the hair and let it cool after two to three hours.
  • This process protects the hair from all kinds of skin infections and makes it long, thick, and beautiful, which stops hair loss.

Regular massage of mustard oil on the scalp can also get rid of the problem of premature graying of hair and the hair can become naturally black and shiny. Massage, in a few days you will feel a clear difference and the hair will be dark as well as strong. Mustard oil makes the hair healthy.

It is better to use mustard oil only in winter, as it has a warming effect and its use in winter is effective for skin and hair.

This oil gives off a specific fragrance or aroma, which many people find unpleasant and they avoid using it, but they should look at its benefits instead of its aroma. Mustard oil is useful. Counted in oils.

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