Organic fresh Fish

PKR 500

Fish is one of the best sources of protein. It is rich in basic nut


Seasonal orange

PKR 100

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10 KG Tomato Box

PKR 800

We have pure tomatoes, we have our own tomato fields, fresh and cle


ٖFresh Mutton

PKR 1000

The meat of any animal is obviously very good for health but eating

Organic Products

Pure Mustard oil

PKR 315 PKR 350

Mustard is an important crop and its greens are fortifying winter f

Organic Products

Organic Ghee (2 KG Bottle)

PKR 4000

When we look at the reasons for the enviable health of the people o

Organic Products

Organic Butter (2KG Bottle)

PKR 3000

Magnesium, sodium, and iodine are found in it. Now you can guess ho


Organic chicken

PKR 600

Indigenous chickens increase nervous strength, lose weight

Organic Products

Organic Milk From Zubair Farms - PKR 100 / KG

PKR 100

Purity is a traditional term, often used for food in the Indian sub

Organic Products

Organic Honey 1000 / KG

PKR 1045 PKR 1100

What is organic honey? organic honey or raw honey comes straight fr

Organic Products

Peure Honey

PKR 1500

Honey can be used to sweeten your food, but it is also very good fo

Organic Products

Organic Eggs per dozen

PKR 120

Eggs are often said to be high in cholesterol, but the fact is that

National Fresh Fruit

£85.00 £95.00

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